We, that is my husband Theo, our daughter Marie, Chaniya our Ridgeback bitch, the Westphalian gelding Dimple and Marie`s rabbit Moppel. From Hoppel, the black rabbit, we unfortunately have had to let go.

We live in  the Sauerland, in a cosy one family home with a garden, well, I think that when you have a dog a garden is a must; and the village belongs to town Arnsberg. In the surrounding landscape we have large fields and a lot of woodlands, that is, as much as the storm Kyrill, has left standing.

Our daily “breed” in the true sense of the word, we earn with our bakary just around the corner from our home.

Our spare time is almost solely dedicated to our 4-legged friends, although my husband is also trying his luck with fishing.


How do you come upon a Ridgback?

In our case it was more or less a lucky coincidence.

As I grew up as a child with a dog, a Cocker Spaniel, it was clear to me, that in my own little family I didn´t want to be without one. At a horse show in Balve I encountered a Ridgeback for the first time. Never before I had seen such a beautiful, interesting dog, who also had a stripe on the back where the fur grew in the opposition direction.

After having thrown a hundred questions at the owner and later having acquired all the literature available 15 years ago, it was clear, it had to be a Ridgeback.

This temperament, the intelligence and not least this fascinating look had convinced us and I have to say, it is just as wonderful as we had imagined.

As the internet in those days was not very common, addresses of breeders awaiting puppies in the near future were acquired from VDH by telephone, and then the surch started.

By the Specht family we then found what we were looking for. The chemistry between our two families was in order right away and a few weeks later we picked up our little Bayumi.

We were allowed to spend 9 wonderful years with her, during which we could take her with us anywhere. On vocation, on visits to friends, when dining in restaurants she was always with us and we were welcome everywhere. The most wonderful vocation we spent in Belgium with her and the horses. At that time we still had a Chestnut gelding too. Unfortunately, it now looks down on us from “horse-heaven”.


At age 9 Bayumi was diagnosed with terminal cancer and nothing could be done.

This “letting go” was very hard on all of us. Suddenly our house got a very different character. The rooms seemed empty; the hearty welcome when you came through the front door was missing. From one day to the other everything had changed.

During the following time I couldn´t stand any dog near me.

After also having had to say goodbye to my Chestnut horse one year later, it became clear that we needed new life in our house again.

The surch for a Ridgeback puppy started again, this time with the help of the internet. That way we found the breeder Mr. Steinke from Helvesiek, who still had 3 puppies available. Two days later we were standing in his garden and were greeted by 8 curious puppies, among others also Chaniya and she was exactly what we were looking for.