Out of our A-litter (Tusani Cool Bakari / Umvuma Chaniya) we have retained Ashaki. She was the first girl who has seen the light of the world and from now she was called "Miss Pink".

She ist our little whirl-wind and bribes the whole family, visitors and all people who meet her with her smart, charming kind.

Exactly like her mummy, so she also loves the nose-work and of course we will promote this. However she also developes a huge ambition at agility and dummy-work.

Of course the playing with her friends, in particular with her sister "Summer", may not be absent!Zwinkernd





news / activities

Tracking meeting in Neuenrade, 05. + 06.03.16

For this weekend Martin Rodzoch organized a tracking meeting in Neuenrade. The people arrived already partially on Friday, cause they came from North- and South-Germany and even from Switzerland.

While we stepped our own-tracks for our dogs, Martin laid some FH-tracks, also for Ashaki.

Then after 5 hours we could search them. She searched the first thigh very concentratet and expelled quite correctly the first object. But then it happened: from the middle of 2nd thigh she couldn´t pick up more scent. First she still found independently back to the track but then she was completely out.

But on Sunday it was clearly better. Martin had laid a little bit more feed on the track, so that she got security again and that was good so!

Tracking meeting in Kirchlinde, 15.11.15

I said it already under "Chaniya", the weather didn´t join in for this event! But all the same, we are not made of sugar, so: eyes close and through :-)

Tracking-workshop at the DVG Neh.-Hüsten, 07.03.15

Whether beginner or "already track infect persons", to this workshop everyone was invited.  

Tracking on a field/Flammberg, 18.04.14

Cause the farmer hasn`t driven the seeds out, we have used the opportunity to track on this. It was admittedly very uneven and dry but Ashaki has been coming to the end!

Of course she doesn`t may to turn round to me after the reference, like the motto: I sit, so give me the sweet..... At this problem we have to work!

beginner workshop - Clicker training, 21.02.2014

Last evening Ashaki and I visited the beginner workshop for clicker training from Birgit Kappler-Reinhold in Schlangen.

It means: clicker training is a technology for behaviour training with a positive intensification by a signal, the clicker.

First we coached the clicker, the basic rules of clickern were indicated to us, then there came the practise construction "look" and at the end the construction of the "handtarget". Target means destination, finish - by targets you can arrange animals to go to special places.

It was a very well successful seminar.....a compliment to Birgit....she loves her work!

Who would like to know more about her: www.enchante-hundeschule.de

Tracking workshop in Meppen, January 2014

The first impression from the terrain I have had, was overpowering....so far you could look, only fields and wood. Then it was however a little bit difficult for both "ladies". There was so many game, so that these tracks were more interesting than my, specially for Ashaki.

Well, it was a very good seminar, we have learned a lot of and at this problem we have to work!

Track-search in the Soester-Börde, 27. August 2013

Today we had arranged to meet us with Heike, Baaya and Enza to the "sniffing". It was really nice and all the dogs have made a good job!!!

Track-search on a stubble-field, August 2013

....today also Ashaki had her difficulties, the ground was very, very dry and everywhere straw and stones on it....the premisses were not the best!

Easter-Monday 2013

With the relations which ruled today (strong wind, cold and "dead" meadows), Ashaki had also her problems, in particular before the objects.

Track-search Henne Wicheln, February 2013

Of course the snow doesn´t keep us to sensitising our noses further Zwinkernd, in spite of many wild tracks, she searched quite purposefully my steps......apart from the fact: which wild lays now and again little pieces of meat in the footprintsVerlegen

Antihunt-training in Bad Lippspringe, 01.-02.09.12

This weekende I take part at this antihunt-workshop with Ashaki, under leading of Romy Schmidt. She lives on Ibiza and there she has a dogschool and supports the animal protection.

You will be not able to "cure" the dogs within 2 days, but at the end of the workshop the progresses were significant.

The Rhodesian-Ridgebacks are run- and huntdogs and you have the job to control their ambition. By the running and hunting hormones are released which bring them an absolute luck, but perhaps for us a lot of trouble.

And so different themes, like reliable recall, impulse control, orientation towards the person, demolition signal and something else were working on.

This "against it steer" already starts at the puppy´s age. You should teach the dogs to resist movement charms and to handle with the frustration.

It was a super nice, instructive week-end, for us as well as for all fur-noses!

29. July 2012

Of course this looks to the professionals completely different, we do it just for fun Lachend

Flammberg, 26. June 2012

We are again outside to sniff and the "jackpot", it´s a little box filled with liver sausage, is´nt far awayKüssend

Breloh, 23. October 2011

"What my mum does, I will also do!"

o3. October 2011

Ashaki enjoys the sun and silence after the puppy meeting....


Examination FH2 at the SV Hüsten-Ost, 25.04.15

Today Ashaki didn´t pass the FH2 examination. By rain and storm I couldn´t convince her to go....END!

FH1 examination at the SV Hüsten-Ost, 25.10.14

There are things happening on the track area, which should not happen (you can read it under "Chaniya"). As in the waiting period the wild boars have made fun on this, it was very difficult to search. And since we know, that Ashaki is very sensitiv to these odors, this hasn´t impacted very positiv on her work. She passed the test with a "acceptable" and may now call "FH1 tracking dog".

FH1 examination at the SV Arnsberg, 27.09.14

Unfortunately Ashaki hasn´t shown today what she can actually. The tracks of deer and wild boars were more intersting than our track.

Examination at the SV Arnsberg, 09.11.13

Today Ashaki passed her third track-examination with 90 points, a very good.

Autumn-examination at the SV Arnsberg, 05.10.13

Today Ashaki passed her second track-examination with 86 points, a good. It was the first track of an unknown person with unknown objects. She was easily irritated and for a few times she looked around on the first thigh. She expelled the first object in the standing position and the second in the seat, of course that stood for point deduction. Nevertheless, I was very contented. We will work on the fact, that the next time it will be still better.

Track-examination in Lippetal, 21.09.2013

Today Ashaki passed her first track-examination with 91 points. Not she but I had made so many mistakes, 3 drawn off points already went on my account. I was so nervous! 

escort-examination, 08.09.12

Today Ashaki has existed her escort-examination.Küssend


Parents (please klick here)
Tusani Cool Bakari DKK 07632/2006
HD-B, OCD-frei, ED-frei, w, Dt.Ch.(VDH), N.Ch., Ch.Ch, DK.Ch.Dt.J.Ch.(VDH)
Umvuma Chaniya VDH 07/109 5402
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, rw  


Grandparents (please click here)

Tusani Cool Bakari

Kinyemi Anzi A´Bhubesi DKK 07357/99
HD-A, ED-frei, OCD-frei, rw, Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH), DK.Ch., Schw.Ch., DK.Clsg., Dt.Bsg.´01
Macumazahn Tusani Pearl SPKP 733/04
HD-A, ED-frei, OCD-frei, Int.Ch.

Umvuma Chaniya

Malozi Charaza FIN 22030/01
HD-A, OCD-frei, ED-frei, Ung.Ch., Int.Ch., Ung.Jgd.Ch.
Nawia Elassar VDH 04/109Ü4130
HD-A, ED-frei, OCD-frei,  
Great-grandparents (please click here)

Kinyemi Anzi A´Bhubesi

Aakemba King Astor Gi´Fumo S 44288/95
HD-A, ED-frei, OCD-frei, DK.Ch., NL.Ch., Fin.Ch., GB.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH), Nord.Ch.
Zumeli´s Anzika DKK 07664/96
HD-A, DK.Ch.

Macumazahn Tusani Pearl

Ozrhode Ari Mystic ANKC 3100030290
rw, Austr.Ch.
Macumazahn Pearl Jam ANKC 1588074
w., Austr.Ch.  

Malozi Charaza

Ikimba Shadyridge Okoa FIN 28620/98
HD-A, ED-frei, OCD-frei, Am.Ch., Pl.Ch., WS´00, Fin.Ch.
Malozi Adimika FIN 32535/98
HD-A, rw, Fin.Ch., Schw.Ch.

Nawia Elessar

Lionhunt Dayimane Umvuma KUSA BQ012991
HD-A, ED-frei, OCD-frei, Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH)
Ukimbu´s Anbrhosia VDH 94/109 0146
HD-A, rw, Pl.Ch.


International Show Dortmund, 13.10.13

open class, note: "V", judge: Mr. H. Kliebenstein, Germanya

Community show Terrier & Friends Münster, 30. June 2013

Open class, note: V2, judge: Mr. Doc. W. Peper (Germany)

International Show Dortmund 11.05.2013

Open class, note: V3, judge Mrs. Ann J. G. Woodrow

International Show in Kassel, 09.12.12

Intermediate class, note: very good, judge: Mrs. Elisabeth Hammerschmid, AT 

National Show in Kassel, 08.12.12

Intermediate class, note: v2, judge: Mrs Ursula Ralfe, ZA

National Show in Karlsruhe, 11.11.2012

Intermediate class, very good, judge: Mr. Martin Klopsch (D)

Federal Winner Show in Dortmund, 16.10. 2011

Puppy class, note vv3, judge: Mrs. Noreen Harris (AUS)

National show in Dortmund, 14.10.2011

Puppy class, note vv3, judge: Christian Stefanescu (RO)

Community-pedigree dog-show in Recklinghausen 10. + 11. September 2011

10. September: Puppy Class, note: vv 4, judge: Mrs. Brigitte Bregenzer (A)

11. September: Puppy Class, note: vv 2, judge: Mr. Hans Boelaars (NL)

Family-meeting in Recklinghausen

.....with Grandpa Buksie an Daddy Bakari and of course Netti and PoulÜberrascht

Communityshow Rhodesian Ridgeback and Dalmatiner in Drage/Stove 13/08/2011

Puppy Class, note: vv 3, Judge Mrs. Dorothy Grayson-Wood (GB)