5. birthday

...in dozens happiness!

Good luck for all our babies to their 5th birthday!

4. birthday

Happy birthday to all our "Bakaniya-puppies. We still wish you a lot of years together with your lovely humans!!!

3. birthday

Today our "puppies" celebrate their third birthday: Happy birthday to all!

Amani´s birthday party

Ayubu´s birthday.......yes Helle, you are right: now Ayubu is a real man!!

Second birthday

Happy birthday to all our Bakaniya puppies Lächelnd, so like Netti wrote: Enjoy this special day - it´s your day!

Thank you for all the emails, photos and letters I have received today.....you are all sooooo super!Verlegen

Ayubu´s birthday party, 02.02.2013 Lachend

First birthday

02. February 2012

Today our offspring celebrate their first birthday. Ayubu indeed gets a real birthday cake, mhhhh very fine!

...also by Amani there was a real birthday-partyÜberrascht

Puppie meeting, 02. October 2011

Last Sunday we had invited to our puppie meeting, at this day our puppies were 8 mounths old.

To find an exact day for all is very difficult, so some of the puppie owners were still on holiday, other had to work or one of the female puppie had her heat for the first time.

Nevertheless 3 of the female owners (Amali, Ayana, Summer) and 2 of the male owners (Amani, Joschi) had found the time to come. We were very glad that Poul and Netti with Bakari were come from Denmark to see their offspring.

After Chaniya had unequivocal explained her children, that still she is the boss here, the reunion joy under the brothers and sisters found no limits.

05. May 2011

I´m very glad about the feedbacks from the new puppy owners, they write to me, call me and send me the first photos of them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

24. April 2011

Past Thursday and Friday the last 3 puppies have been fetched at their new owners. It was again a tearful resignation....

Then we have done our work and have conjured from the puppies room a quite normal sitting roomZwinkernd

13. April 2011

Today we have made with our remaining pack a small excursion by the car to the Breloh on a big meadow.

10. April 2011

After now, last monday, 04. April, the litter attendant was here to check the babies, we already had to say "Goodbye" to some of them. We have handed over them with mixed feelings to their new owners.

We might spend their first life weeks so intensely with them, so that we have closed all 12 in our hearts. Everybody of them is something quite special.

Now however, with nearly 10 weeks it becomes a time that the herd is dissolved, they need now much more attention and employment.

I´m more than happy that we have found so dear people who feel now responsible for our babies.

8 of them have already started their trip, 2 "ladies" and 1 "man" are still fetched before Easter.

Now this lady "Ashaki" will hold us furthermore on trot and enrich our home by a fur nose more Zwinkernd

02. April 2011

Today something has risen to them in the head, they have rotated everything from the left to the right, from above down, no stone has remained lying on the other....they haven´t know where with their forces and now they lie there, if nothing had happened..........delightfully!

23. March 2011

Oh, a really nice spring flower which has grown there from the tub, we call her/him Mr. Black, Akia, the first-born.

21. + 22. March 2011

Chaniya makes her job as mummy excellent, whether it is with the cattle feed merchant or cleaning the birth box, she helps me where she only is able. No, SHE doesn´t take the cloth in her handLachend, but she pays attention to her babies and if it becomes too much to her, sometimes there is already an unequivocal announcement and suddenly it becomes quite quitly.....perfect!

18. March 2011

Thus it looks if 12 small hungry little mouths ask for their meal, of course with the suitable volume.........nothing for weak nervesBrüllend

15. March 2011

42. day

Now our babies are quite 6 weeks old and are full with high spirits, they enjoy the warm spring weather....

12. March 2011


Afternoon in the garden

Now their expeditions expand already about the whole garden, everything must be examined.......

10. March 2011

37. day

07. March 2011

Today our babies have had for the first time grass under their paws. They have gone themselves solely, without Chaniya has shown them the way, courageously down the small footbridge, from fear no track, the curiosity has won.

However, Chaniya was a little more sceptical and wanted to have them rather again in security on the terrace.

05. March 2011

Yesterday we have had our lunch outdoors in the sun, then mummy already waits for the fact that we are finally full, then she may lick out the bowls.

In the evening we have still got visit of woman`s friends, they couldn`t get all enough of us, but not only "look", they had to "lend a hand" with, after we had digested the supper Zwinkernd.

Afterwards they have falled tiredly in their birth-box, oh well, I had to give to myself alone some pleasure.

01. March 2011

Today it was an exciting day. At first we got again this terrible tasted worm-cure, then our claws were cut, there we shout of course before already, although it doesn´t actually hurt at all but indeed is sure so that she is careful with the scissors. And then we were allowed to go outwards on the terrace for the first time. This was great, there are so many new smells which one must follow first. Well, if we have something inherited from our mummy, it is her good nose, it is also on the ground and this we just make. The woman doesn´t always find this so fantastically, if mummy should come to her and she has sniffed something interesting than ist can last a little longerLachend.

Moreover, today we are 4 weeks old and our weigh is now 6-fold from the natal weight.

24. February 2011

Now during the last days the little teeth have come with by all, that means, soon there is finally something reasonable "on the fork"!

With the cattle feed merchant from the bowl the feed place resembles rather a bath scenery.

Best of all one positions himself with all four paws in it.......Mr. Brown (our chubby chops) has made his non professional swimmer by this action!

20. February 2011

Hardly the fact that one can run a few steps and see, there the forces are already measured together, however these attacks go on for most 4 - 5 min and then all fall again in the deep sleep.

18. February 2011

Best they all lie on top of each other or close together.....

15. February 2011

13. + 14. day

now up to 2 puppies they all have opened their eyes, I doubt, that they perceive now everything, otherwise Lady "Yellow" wouldn´t surch for milk by her brotherVerlegen.

Now the first walking attempts are also begun, which however pitifully end with a case aside after 2 - 3 steps.

Today they have got their first worm-cure, with disgust they have shuddered. Afterwards they immediately have gone to the milk bar to rinse down the awful taste.

On Sunday Daddy Bakari was on an international show in Fredericia/Denmark again. He became best placed of Danish RR and with his descendant BIS in the postbreeding class. CONGRATULATES!

13. February 2011

Now 5 puppies have already opened their eyes, yet quite far, but by a small slit they can already look into the wide world (birth-box).

10. February 2011

7., 8. + 9. day

For the first time after the birth I have gone on Tuesday for a walk with Chaniya again, she has been so glad, finally once more out, something else see and hear than only day and night the "child junk". It is the absolute full-time-job for her, no wonder with 12 little babies.

07. February 2011

5. + 6. day

Now the voices of the babies become stronger and stronger, sometimes you can already hear attempts of a barking. Today they have all lying down in the sun including Chaniya and have enjoyed the natural warmth (of course in the sitting room not outdoors).

On the past weekend at the DKK-Show in Fünen/DK Daddy Bakari and Grandpa Buksie have presented themselves quite successful again. Buksie became Best Veteran Male and Bakari Best Champion and BIS Champion. Also 2 descendants of Bakari were completely placed in front.

Well, so it is, the mummy pays attention to the children and the dad has a good time. Zwinkernd

05. February 2011

3. + 4. day

It is unbelieveable what a tickling in the birth box is, during half of them is sleeping the other are hungry. It is eaten noisily, grunted and fought for the best place.

If Chaniya has bad luck, at once everybody is hungry, then there is a lot of to do for her.Brüllend

3. February 2011

2. day

Up to 2 babies everybody of them has already increased a few grammes, a good proof that it functions at the milk bar quite well.

Chaniya has recoverd  from the yesterday`s strenuous day also quite well again and she enjoys the extra serving feeds.

2. February

Today the "Bakaniya-Babies" have seen the light of the world.

Chaniya gave the life to 12 puppies, 7 males and 5 females of it. These were 12 thrilling hours and Chaniya has made everything great. She is quite a great mummy who concers moving around her younger generation.

At this point I would like to thank quite warmly of Mrs. Dr. Rosenbaum and Dr. Dicks, which stood aside me with words and deeds at every day- and night(!)-time and to all which have thougt to us especially Netti, Poul and the BB-boys.

29. January 2011

Now we go into the last round and Chaniya seems obvious relieved if the puppies finally see the light of the world.

24. January 2011

It seems that Chaniya has nevertheless closed friendship with the birth-box.

Last night she has slept in it and I more and more often note that she scrapes the vetbeds together and is building her a comfortable nest.

Whether intuition or instinct........quite all the same, it functions!

22. January 2011

Finally, a sign of life!

Since last night you can see and feel movements in Chaniya`s belly. Incredibly: it seems there is a lot of trouble in it. Lächelnd

16. January 2011

Now it is not to be overlooked any more: the belly grows!

15. January 2011

Yesterday evening there was the first test-lying in the birth-box. Chaniya`s enthusiasm was not very big. But then I could persuade her with the evening dinner to stay there at least for this time.

Well, we still have some time......

07. January 2011

So, now the Christmas tree has said goodbye and the birth-box gets her honourary place in the sitting room. I am curios what Chaniya will "say" to this.

To our walks I must persuade her always more, the best is to ly in our near and to enjoy the rest.

With the model figure it is over for the next time, no more a wasp waist, now the puppies claim the place. Lächelnd

30. December 2010


Just our veterinarian has told us, that Chaniya is pregnant and Bakari will always become "Daddy". You can see it at the ultrasound-picture.

The joy ist gigantically big and we are so proud of the both!


So now it can go off. As soon as the Christmas tree has retired, the dinning room is cleared and the birth-box which stands still in all individual parts disassembled in the cellar is used.

At first Chaniya must get to know this thing and then the puppies are immediately integrated with into our life. The noises from the everyday life whether it is the rattle of the porcelaine, the vacuum cleaner, the radio or the discussions between mother and daughter also later belong to it. And this is only possible if they are in our nearness and have the constant contact to us.

Just we do it!

29. December 2010

Now the excitement is very great: on Thursday, 30. December 2010, Chaniya has after her "marriege" with Bakari the first veterinarian date.

In the last weeks she has going to be very quietly, often she sleeps and it seems as she would enjoy the silence before the "storm" will come.

Well, this must signify something positive......soon we know it exactly and till: futher hope!

04. December 2010

On 3rd of December we were back from Denmark and everything went very well. Both “lead characters” knew each other right away of course and their happiness at the reunion was fantastic so they didn´t keep us waiting for long for the "main-event". Chaniya was mated with Bakari on 1. December 2010.

The expected birth of the litter will be 1. February 2011. We are all looking forward to the coming weeks, they will be very exciting.

We would like to take this opportunity to express a special thanks to Netti and Poul, who made our stay in Svendborg so pleasant. They will also be happy to assist potential new puppy owners with advise on the puppies and the breed.

20. November 2010

The planning for our A-litter is now very well. Chaniya came into heat on 20. Nevember 2010 and we have for some time decided on the Sire “Tusani Cool Bakari” (Int.CH MultiCH) from Denmark.

After getting to know Netti, Poul, Bakari and Buksie at the dog show in Dortmund and after their following visit over a weekend to our home, it was fairly quickly clear that there could be no better Sire for our A-litter. His loving nature and great charisma convinced us and of course Chaniya. His color and size is perfectly within the standard, as you would envisage a Rhodesian Ridgeback male.

He leaves nothing to be desired in comparison to his father “Buksie”, who was and still is very successful at dog shows internationally. He is still by perfect health and you would not guess his age to be almost 12 years.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, I should be happy if you would contact me early. We should like to get to know the coming puppy owners as early as possible.

 You can learn more about the Sire “Bakari” and his father “Buksie” on their homepage http://buksie.dk.

Our breeding philosophy

"Chaniya" means "the valuable" and this not in the monetary sense, but in the sense of "valuable being".

Such a "valuable being" should only come into hands of people, who know what in means to live with a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Do I have the time for daily long walks, come rain or snow or even storm?

Will I be able to take him/her with me on vocation or do I have arrangements to leave him/her with family or friends during this period?

Will I be able to stimulate him/her, not only physically but also mentally?

Is the whole family behind this "project"?

How is it with puppy- and dog training? A consequent but loving upbringing is a must for a harmonic living-together. Am I ready to invest time and money in this as well?

And not least I would like to address the financial aspect. Apart from the cost of dog food there will almost certainly be unexpected veterinary costs also.


All these aspects should be carefully considered and resolved.